Furry Frenzy Online Show Starts Today!

Posted 25 June, 2017 by Vicky Lougher in Online Show / 0 Comments

The Furry Frenzy opens today in just a few short minutes! And, by the time you get this update in your email, it will have already started. I created a new design a couple of weeks ago. And I have several of these new bears in today’s show. These cute little fellows are about 9.5 inches. They are slightly fatter with small ears and shorter arms and legs. The head is also tilted up a bit more. They are real cuties! I can’t show a picture of them here, but you can head over to the show to see them, and all of the other “Wonderful Bears and Friends” being offered today, by artists from around the world. Here is a head shot of my sweater girls that is available today. If you have trouble getting into the show as it starts, please let me know.


I hope you get a chance to visit and I hope you have a Glorious Day!

Bear Hugs,




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