Goodbye to the Old – Hello to the New

Posted 13 May, 2015 by Vicky Lougher in News / 0 Comments

It is time to say goodbye to my old website, that my dear late husband Gary had created for me in 1998.  Very little of my web site had chanced since then, so 17 years later, my daughter and I decided that it was time for me to catch up with the times and technology.  I am so proud to present to you a new and  improved site that will work much better with the latest technology.  My dear daughter Jennifer James from the BookShelfery worked very hard the past few weeks to create my new website.  I think she did an outstanding job – now “Mom” needs to figure out how to blog and create updates without destroying all of her hard work. lol  There are still a few tweaks left to do on my Store page and Affiliations, but for the most part it is done.  I would love to hear what you think!

Old Site:


Old Site



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