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About Vicky

I have always been creative and can remember sewing and knitting my own Barbie doll clothes at the age of seven. My mother believes that I was actually younger than that. Yes…I was allowed to play at my Mother’s and Grandmother’s sewing machines unsupervised at that tender age. I guess I could have run over one of my fingers or something with the sewing machine needle…but I didn’t; and I have fond memories of making tiny pot holders out of my mother’s scraps for my cooking stove that we made out of a card board box. I made many of my own clothes in high school and during that time, also created soft muslin dolls with yarn hair and embroidered features. These creative endeavors continued throughout my life and eventually lead me on the path to making my first teddy bear.
I made that first bear from a McCall’s pattern in 1991. He was a bug eyed sad looking creature with plastic safety eyes and plastic joints, but I was proud of him and loved him all the same. During that time a little seed was planted that sprouted into the beginning of an idea…. I knew absolutely nothing about the teddy bear world, but it wasn’t long before I learned about mohair and discovered that there were actual shows dedicated exclusively to the exhibition and sale of teddy bears. I avidly sought out and researched as many books as I could find concerning teddy bears and found the book titled, “How to Make & Sell Quality Teddy Bears”, by Terry and Doris Michaud to be the most helpful. I devoured this wonderful book! The chapters detailing construction, design and marketing were very instrumental in launching my career. It wasn’t long before I was designing my own teddy bears and by the spring of 1993 – excited, nervous and a little bit scared – I exhibited at my first teddy bear show. Since then, I have never looked back.